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Dangerous Dust: A 911 Problem

by Kevin Caruso

Huge dust clouds occurred after the Twin Towers fell, but the “dust” wasn’t ordinary dust, it was a pulverized mix of dangerous debris which included heavy metals, dioxins, acids, sulphur, asbestos, and other dangerous chemicals.

And the “dust” consisted of very fine particles, and thus easily entered the lungs.

Pictures of ground zero show that the dust thickly covered everything.

So many residents inhaled this dangerous mix, but what will the long-term health consequences be?

We do not know for sure. But there have been numerous reports of ailments associated with the dust, as well as numerous attempts to cover up the seriousness of the problem.

Shortly after the attack, the government asserted that the air in Manhattan was safe to breathe, but clearly that was not the case. And many doctors are concerned that the dust may cause more deaths than the 911 attack.

Studies indicate that the high levels of asbestos in the dust may lead to mesothelioma.

Everyone who breathed in the dangerous dust on 911 is in our thoughts and prayers.

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