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911 Heroes

by Kevin Caruso

September 11, 2001 was a horrible day, but it was also a day in which innumerable heroes showed unparalleled courage and love.

Hero firefighters and police officers responded to the World Trade Center attack, and they courageously went up the stairs that others were going down. These heroes knew they were in a very dangerous situation, but they did not hesitate.

And that is what heroes do…they act in spite of great danger. They help others. They risk their lives for us.

343 firefighters and 72 police officers died in the line of duty on that day.

They performed their duty at the highest level possible. They are paragons.

We will never forget them.

And about 3,000 precious people lost their lives on September 11, 2001. And every one of them is a hero. We were in a war that day. And these heroes were thrust to the front lines. They were courageous heroes. Every one.

Many people were injured in the attack; but they faced the day with great courage and love.

They are all heroes.

The rescue workers and emergency personnel performed their duties with tremendous efficiency, professionalism, and courage, despite the tremendous stress that they were put under.

They are all heroes.

People throughout the U.S.A. reached out to help in every way possible.

They are all heroes.

And most importantly, numerous people lost loved ones on 911; and these 911 survivors have dealt with unimaginable pain, yet they have perservered. Their spirits are the strongest that you will find. And they are among our greates heroes. They are very, very special people...heroes every one.

September 11, 2001, was a tragedy. But it was also a day of heroes. And we were all reminded about how great the people of this country are – for never has courage, compassion, and heroism been manifested in the way it did on that day…ever, anywhere.

We are a nation of heroes.

God bless America.

Kevin Caruso
Founder, Executive Director, Editor-in-Chief
(America is a website.)

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