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911 Survivors: Angels on Earth

by Kevin Caruso

I have great love and respect for 911 survivors. They are very special people who have gone through unbelievably difficult losses and life experiences, yet they preservere with amazingly resilient spirits.

They are angels on earth.

The deep emotional shock and tremendous loss that they endured on September 11, 2001, was something few people could survive.

The attack came out of nowhere. It was a horrible event unto itself, and it deeply upset, angered, and saddened all Americans. But for those who lost a loved one on that day, the depth of the pain is hard to imagine.

America is a place that we can all visit and pray for these wonderful angels on earth, as well as remember and honor their 911 angels in Heaven those wonderful people who we lost that day.

To all 911 survivors: We love you. We support you. And you will always be in our thoughts and prayers.

God bless you.

You are angels on earth.

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