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Hero Firefighters Raise the American Flag at Ground Zero: An Enduring Image from Ground Zero

by Kevin Caruso

Of all of the images from Ground Zero, perhaps the most well known is that of our three hero firefighters raising the American Flag.

It is a spectacular image of hope, courage, resilience, unity, and patriotism.

I love to look at this picture.

It inspires me.

And it reminds me about the tremendous courage that was exhibited by our heroes at Ground Zero.

We salute all of our 911 heroes.

They are the best.

We love you all.

Here is that wonderful photo of our heroes raising the American Flag at Ground Zero:

A sign of hope: Firemen raise flag at Ground Zero
Hero Firefighters Raise the American Flag
at Ground Zero

George Johnson, Dan McWillaims, and Bill Eisengrein

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