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How Many People Died on 911?

by Kevin Caruso

We may never know that exact number of people who died on 911, but we know that the figure is very close to 3,000.

The difficulty in getting an exact number is that there are reports of missing people who have not been confirmed as dead in association with the World Trade Center attack.

But if the number of deaths at the WTC is off, it is by tens of people, not hundreds or thousands.

Again, the total number of people killed on 911 was very close to 3,000.

We can break down the deaths in six categories: the four flights, the Pentagon, and the Twin Towers.

Here are the number of deaths ("angels") who we lost on 911:

Flight or Location Angels
Flight 93 45
Flight 77 65
Flight 175 65
Flight 11 92
Pentagon 125
World Trade Center 2,595 (?) exact number unknown
TOTAL 2,986 (?) exact number unknown

God Bless our 911 Angels and 911 Survivors

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