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Remembering the World Trade Center

by Kevin Caruso

The World Trade Center consisted of seven buildings, but the centerpiece was the towers – two magnificent towers, known as the “Twin Towers,” that dominated the magnificent New York City skyline.

The Towers could be seen for many miles away, and were particularly beautiful at night.

Construction began in 1966, and in December 1970, the North Tower was complete. And a little over a year later, in January 1972, the South Tower was complete.

They were the tallest buildings in the world until the Sears Tower in Chicago was completed in May 1973.

Both towers were 110 floors high. The North Tower was 1368 feet tall, and the South Tower was 1362 feet high.

A 360-foot antenna was later built atop the North Tower, and transmissions began in June 1980. The antenna was used to broadcast 10 televsion stations.

The tremendous height and weight of the towers necessitated an enormous foundation, which extended over 70 feet into the ground and rested on solid bedrock.

The towers had 43,600 windows, which were cleaned by an automatic window washing machine.

Over 50,000 people worked at the World Trade Center.

They were spectacular building, and we will never forget them.

The Twin Towers
The Twin Towers

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